Mortgage Marketing Plan Downloads And Links

This past week has been a flurry of activity with the 3 Session 2015 Mortgage Marketing Plan Webinar Workshop. I’ve been getting a lot of emails asking me for links to some of the content, downloads, and worksheets from sessions #1 and #2. I figured it’d be easiest to pop all of the links discussed […]

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Mortgage Marketing Success

How Likely Are You To Succeed This Year?

It happens every single year doesn’t it? The holidays are finally over, the new year rolls around – And suddenly everyone is “go, go, go!” with their resolutions and marketing plans… Depending on which study you read, anywhere from 75% – 85% of all resolutions have been forgotten and ignored by the 3rd week of […]

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mortgage marketing beta

Mortgage Marketing Lead Generation Beta

4 loan officers needed to participate in Marketing Beta – Those selected will be coached by a successful loan officer who is already implementing a mortgage marketing strategy that is producing excellent results. Goal is to deploy the strategy in multiple markets to prove it works regardless of location. We are looking for loan officers […]

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Mortgage Landing Page

How To Build A Mortgage Landing Page

So about a week and a half ago I released a mini training series called: “How To Create Lead Pages That Pull Purchase Leads Like Crazy” – It’s a 4 video series that walks you through the steps needed to deploy a powerful, lead capture page that can be used with practically any marketing campaign. […]

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mortgage coaching

Case Study: Loan Officer Gets INCREDIBLE Results!

Words can hardly describe how excited I was to interview Chris this past week. Chris is a loan officer that signed up for 1 on 1 lead generation coaching with me in April. Chris shared that he had closed 3 loans over the past 8 months, so he needed something that would produce results RIGHT NOW! By […]

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Feedback Regarding Mortgage CRM

So we’re THIS CLOSE (I’m holding a finger and thumb about an inch apart right now) to rolling out our new Mortgage specific CRM software. (Pre-loaded with entire marketing and follow-up campaigns)  I am now searching for loan officers who can spend maybe 15 – 20 minutes with me as we look at the systems […]

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mortgage marketing leads

How To Create Mortgage Lead Pages

So this Friday we’ve scheduled a Mortgage Leads Pages webinar workshop – “How To Create Mortgage Lead Pages” Here is the link: CLICK HERE FOR WEBINAR WORKSHOP In preparation for this webinar, I decided to assemble a handy Website/Lead Page Analysis sheet that you can print and use to analyze what you’re doing right, and […]

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Insane Mortgage Lead Generation – Look At All Those Leads!

Last week I made a post showing screen-shots from 4 purchase lead generating campaigns. The screenshots were selected due to the fact that leads were being captured at a significant rate by loan officers who previously were not getting much in the way of results from similar campaigns. Ranging from 7 – 25 leads captured […]

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Mortgage Lead Generation example

Mortgage Lead Generation – Failure To Success In 2 Weeks…

Success stories claiming dramatic turnarounds from the depths of failure to rousing, unqualified success are often met with skepticism – And for good reason. This is why I wanted to share some screen-shots from the analytics portion of 4 of my coaching clients who suddenly went ballistic (In a good way) seemingly out of nowhere […]

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mortgage marketing crm

New All In 1 Mortgage Marketing CRM – Sneak Peek!

Note: Scroll to the bottom to tell your thoughts on what your dream software would do When you click to watch the sneak peek, the first 15 seconds are blurry, but it clears up quickly… [leadplayer_vid id=”52FBD2274D608″]   If there’s a single tool out there more effective than a marketing grade CRM at helping  loan officers […]

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