Insane Mortgage Lead Generation – Look At All Those Leads!

Last week I made a post showing screen-shots from 4 purchase lead generating campaigns. The screenshots were selected due to the fact that leads were being captured at a significant rate by loan officers who previously were not getting much in the way of results from similar campaigns. Ranging from 7 – 25 leads captured […]

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Mortgage Lead Generation example

Mortgage Lead Generation – Failure To Success In 2 Weeks…

Success stories claiming dramatic turnarounds from the depths of failure to rousing, unqualified success are often met with skepticism – And for good reason. This is why I wanted to share some screen-shots from the analytics portion of 4 of my coaching clients who suddenly went ballistic (In a good way) seemingly out of nowhere […]

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mortgage marketing crm

New All In 1 Mortgage Marketing CRM – Sneak Peek!

Note: Scroll to the bottom to tell your thoughts on what your dream software would do When you click to watch the sneak peek, the first 15 seconds are blurry, but it clears up quickly…   If there’s a single tool out there more effective than a marketing grade CRM at helping  loan officers double their […]

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facebook mortgage marketing

Check Out This Handy Facebook Info-Graph!

During my latest round of webinars, I’ve been showing loan officers a strategy that allows you to generate purchase leads using Facebook – Without resorting to the typical ‘social media” posting and hours upon hours planted in front of a computer. This strategy is capable of generating leads within 24 hours or less, and is […]

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mortgage marketing

Mortgage Marketing Webinar – This is INSANE!

Want to skip right to the point? Click here: I was scrolling through my Facebook feed this past weekend when I stumbled across several advertisements promoting the flavor of the week “best” way for loan officers to generate more leads. I was struck by the fact that aside from all the posturing and claims, […]

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Loan Officer Marketing

Coming Soon… Loan Officer Marketing Dashboard!

Fair warning… Loan Officer Marketing Lab is poised to shake up the entire industry in January with a a brand new approach to organizing and launching effective marketing strategies! Lead generation will never be the same, and you have an opportunity to peek at the dashboard today. Here it is: (Hehe – Pretty darn powerful […]

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mortgage marketing sales funnel

3 Powerful Ways To Use Google For Mortgage Lead Generation

How To Generate Purchase Leads With Google (Fast and Free): This is the 3rd module in our Mortgage Marketing Webinar series: “How To Get Mortgage Leads From Google Fast!” I know it’s been at least a year since I hosted a major lead generation training using Google – And part of that was due to […]

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mortgage marketing results

5 Powerful Reasons To Work With Top Producing Realtors

Marketing to Realtors has been a hot topic as of late. Loan officers are scrambling to get their purchase lead generation in motion, it’s only natural to look at sources of potential referrals and ask: “How can I get my hands on those referrals?” In past articles and webinars I’ve discussed many different ways to […]

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facebook icon

Mortgage Marketing With Facebook – Replay

Did you miss the Facebook Mortgage Marketing webinar earlier this week? Check out this video replay available for a limited time – We dig deep into a marketing strategy that is both simple to learn, and builds your audience into the thousands. (Early reports from loan officers show that 200 – 300 new followers in […]

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mortgage marketing with facebook

Facebook Posts You Should Make Now!

This past week I’ve been teaching loan officers a whole new way to look at Facebook Pages as a means of building an audience, building their popularity, and funneling leads into their pipeline… (If you missed the introduction to this strategy, you can watch it by clicking here) Part of what makes this strategy so […]

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