How soon do I get access?

Immediately! Just click the get started button and you’ll receive a username/password via email within seconds. Simply login to the Members Area, and begin your training on the spot!

Do I ever loose access to older content?

No. As a Loan Officer Marketing Lab member, you can always access the archives at any time. The only time “older content” is removed, is when it is replaced with updated training.

How much time do I need to invest?

While everyone learns and implements at their own pace, we’ve seen that the average loan officer will dedicate a few hours per week during their first 2 – 3 weeks of membership. We’ve done our best to keep the modules as step-by-step as possible so that you have a very clear path of action each week. A few hours is plenty of time to get your marketing activity moving forward!

How many extra loans can I expect to close?

This question is difficult to answer, as the total number of extra loans you close will be directly linked to which strategies you put into action, and which niches you decide to target – Combined with your own abilities and consistency. However, I can share that it is not uncommon for Members of Loan Officer Marketing Lab to double, even triple their lead capture rate. How many extra loans could you close with such an increase in leads?

Can I access all the content, or is it drip fed?

Your content is immediately available, on-demand. Additional content is constantly being added however, as we update and add new topics, modules, and tools. Your members area will not grow old and stale, as we keep the training on the forefront of what works in the world of mortgage marketing.

What am I going to learn?

The primary focus is on getting a proper marketing and lead generation strategy in place. This covers website, social media, SEO, and even Realtor referrals. This is not a “over-view”, these are in-depth training modules complete with step-by-step strategy.

Is this newbie friendly?

The training has been broken up into basic modules, as well as advanced. In other words, we’ve set the Members Area up in such a way that you can decide how deep you wish to go with each module.
Both beginners and more experienced loan officers alike will find it straight forward to kick-off their campaigns.

Do I really get a website?

Yes you do! We’ve dedicated an entire module to helping you get a first-class web presence built! While most mortgage websites are little more than online brochures, your site is designed to be a true lead generating machine! Yes, the website is yours to keep forever!

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