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Quickens Rocket Mortgage Is A Rip-Off! 

We are much cheaper than Quicken Mortgage-and pretty much every other big name lender - typically by thousands of dollars for the same rate.  Contact us to compare and SAVE!  

See the below loan pricing on July 15, 2019  

FHA 30 year fixed rate $200k loan amount

  • Quicken 3.75% APR 4.755% loan fee $5200 --2 points plus $1200 lender garbage fee

  • Me -3.50% APR 4.215% -- loan Fee is zero

  • I'm $5200 cheaper and with a lower 3.50% rate!

  • Or for the same lender fee my rate would be 3.00%!!

VA 30 year fixed rate $200k loan amount

  • Quicken 3.625% APR 3.887% loan fee $4000 - 2 points

  • Me-3.625% APR 3.794% -- loan fee zero!

  • I'm $4000 cheaper than Quicken at the same rate

  • Or for the same lender fee my rate would be 3.25%!!

Conventional 30 year fixed rate $200k loan

  • Quicken 4.125% APR 4.391% loan fee  $5200 - 2 points plus $1200 garbage loan fees

  • Me- 3.875% APR 3.989% loan fee zero!

  • I'm $5,200 Cheaper than Quicken

  • Or for the same lender fee my rate is 3.50%

And better service, super fast speed and far more experienced advice!

I return calls and more importantly-I stay on top of the transaction from start to finish.  I own my mortgage company and I'm always the only point of contact for all parties.  I never hand off the transaction to an assistant, processor or other person.  Accountability, solutions and a smooth hassle free transaction are the traits I'm famous for.

All questions are Welcome!

All questions are welcome and answered in an easy to explain relaxed way.  Never any pressure --and we never make you feel you're just a loan number ---like those big impersonal lenders.

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