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Can You REALLY Get A $0 Down Home Loan? 

Here Are $0 Down Home Loans Available Right Now... 

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USDA Home Loans - The Unsung Hero...

USDA Rural Housing Mortgage -A true zero down loan program that's easy to qualify for-and with super low rates!

The United States Department of Agriculture, aka USDA, offers a home mortgage that is commonly referred to as the Rural Home Loan. This loan is open to all borrowers that qualify who wish to buy a home in a rural area.  Here are the highlights of the USDA program.

  • No down payment -and the seller or lender can pay your closing costs-ask me how!

  • Lenient credit requirements – it is not necessary to have high credit scores

  • Eligible homes – in order to qualify for the USDA home loan, the borrowers must buy a property that is located within an area that is designated as rural by the USDA. According to a recent report from USDA, almost 97% of the current land mass in America is listed as rural. This means wherever you are there is a good chance you may be eligible for this great program! Nearly all foothill locations in Northern California are eligible property locations!

  • Designed for average incomes – According to the USDA, the borrower’s income cannot exceed a certain level.  The qualifying income is calculated based on the number of people that will occupy the home once the loan is approved. As of July 2019 Calaveras & Tuolumne County annual Income levels are $86,850 for a family of up to 4 and $114,650 for 5 or more in the household

Want To Live In A Rural Area?
Intrigued By No Money Down Home Loans? 

A USDA Home Loan may be the solution you're looking for. USDA loans offer $0 down-payment, and no, they have nothing to do with farming! Just think of them as "small town" home loans... 

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Here are 3 other low or zero down loan programs-for more details-contact me here.

Thanks for visiting our site--my name is Dennis Hughes -President of Lend4less.  We can show you how to get a Hassle free Lower Rate and Save Money on Your Mortgage! 

Many people make the error of believing the choice of a mortgage company is the most important one they make when searching for a home loan.​  NOPE!  The most important choice is the right LOAN OFFICER!​  

Any company can have great advertising gimmicks --with slogans like "Rocket Mortgage" --  and say they have the best rates available ---- most of which isn't true to begin with --- but if the loan officer is inexperienced, lazy or lacks integrity your experience can be a huge hassle that costs you time and money.

Putting your needs first should always be the #1 priority.  Do you really believe a call center lender or a bank employed loan officer cares more about you than keeping their managers happy?-- it's far more likely they do what their bosses want -and put profit first over your needs!  If you believe these big lender loan officers will put your needs first-- then unfortunately their marketing gimmicks worked on YOU!​

There is no substitute for experience, knowledge and integrity.  A well connected mortgage broker is a great asset to help you navigate through the maze of home loan options and helps to make sure you receive the best rate at the lowest cost available!

Allow me to show you how it can feel to work with a very experienced loan Pro!  One who cares more about your needs than maximizing profits. 

Over 30 years in the mortgage business --  10,000 plus closed loans as a loan officer, sales manager and company owner - I use all that experience to reduce hassles for you --and save you money!


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